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City of Regina Sewer Line Maintenance/Reimbursement Program

Did you know the city of Regina offers sewer line maintenance and/or a reimbursement to those who qualify? The reason behind this is because their trees send roots to their side of the sewer lateral and often your side as well. To qualify for maintenance and/or a reimbursement, your property and sewer line must meet their conditions. The city Facebook page discussing this.

  • You must have a city tree on your property. Narrow lots with city trees on neighboring properties might qualify.
  • The private side must be in good condition as to allow their machine’s cable and cutter to get out to the roots.
  • Good access to your front clean out. Crawl spaces and steep narrow stairs is not good access as their machine is cumbersome. You can’t have belongings and/or structure blocking access to the front clean out.

The city allows for one cleaning per annum, unless their side of the lateral has a noted problem (offset, break, sagged pipe or extra ordinary root growth, etc..). Some lines have so much root growth, that they need to be cleaned every six months or so and in these cases, involve the city. If the city can’t provide the service during a blockage, call Jay’s Sewer & Drain Service 306-737-5242 for great service and experience you can trust.

This information has been gathered over the years in the field and is by no means official city policy. Call them first 306 777 7000  or visit their website.