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Keep your toilet flushing

If your toilet is frequently needing to be plunged and you are sure there hasn’t been an object flushed, then it most likely needs to be cleaned. Mineral buildup can cause toilets to flush slowly to not at all.

The Remedy

Sparkel is a chemical solution sold at several stores in Regina including Canadian Tire and it eats through mineral buildup with ease. This is a chemical and you need to take precautions with kids, pets and yourself (read and follow the directions).


Rona ECO toilet bowl cleaner is a great alternative to a chemical solution and works well if the buildup is not to thick.

Avoid any product (discs/pucks) that need to go in the tank because they eventually plug the small outlets around the rim and seize up internal parts, plus blue/green water is not in style anymore.

Sometimes the tank parts fail and need to be replaced. The flapper and fill valve are easy to replace and most homeowners can fix these by themselves. Old un-insulated water hogs should be replaced with a good rated toilet.

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